Auto Revolution: 1- Conventional car

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Auto Revolution: 1- Conventional car

Conventional car
Every one knows about traditional cars. The type of vehicle we've all grown up with is operated by an internal combustion engine (ICE), which works continuously until you shut the vehicle off. To operate it, you send gas in the engine; the exhaust exits the tailpipe. 
traditional car
conventional car

A significant amount of an internal combustion engine's energy is lost during braking, and about 30% of energy wasted in engine cooling. not to mention, how much Energy are used to moves and operates about 2 tons of mechanical components.  Capturing this energy and using it for powering the car was one of the car-makers dreams.

POWERED BY: Internal combustion engine
FUEL: Gasoline
BATTERY CHARGED BY: When running, the engine charges battery.     


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