Nissan Deltawing

Posted by Wael A. Saad On Tuesday, 12 June 2012 0 comments
Although it looks like spawn of the BatMobile, this is actually a genuine racecar which has finally received huge corporate backing from Nissan.

Deltawing Concpet 2010
Deltawing 2012

It's called the Deltawing concept and was originally proposed by its makers as a replacement for IndyCars over in the USA, but will receive its first real outing at the 24 hours of Le Mans in June this year.

Now even though the top level of Le Mans is called LMP, or Le Mans Prototype, this prototype won't be classified in the race results, even if it comes first. The French are strange like that.

Anyway, Nissan are developing a race-ready 1.6 litre turbo for this car, which they reckon is enough of an engine because the Batwing only weighs half of a conventional LMP car, and more importantly has half the drag.

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