Car simplification: 1- what is car? P1

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car simplification
what is car? part 1
Start Taking about cars required much thinking to decide where to start from?. So that, I decide to start from zero :) . Yes, from zero.

What is Car?
Cars, vehicles, automobiles, trucks, or even autos are different names for the same thing. Car is a device helping you to not suffering. In other words, a car saves your time, effort, energy, and goods. Cars can be your sport, hobby, study, home, friend “Transformers are example:) ” or a slave waiting at the garage for your orders.
But, technically car is combination from a mechanical, electrical and, Accessory parts assembled by mechanical angels.

What are main Car Parts?
1-      Engine (petrol, gasoline, electric motor, or combination of them called hybrid ).
      Gives the car POWER to run.
2-      Transmission system.
      For speed variation.
3-      Steering system.
      To control the direction.
4-      Braking System.
       To stop the car when you need.
5-      Suspension system.
      Comfort for the driver and the passenger, and safety for goods.
6-      Safety parts.
       Ensure you are safe.
7-   Electric and electronic systems
       Parts communicating
8-      Body and chassis.
      To contain the previous parts and the driver.    Read more about Brakes

What are the components“not important or luxury”?
1-      Sound system.
2-      Air conditioning system “not for all countries”.
3-      Some accessories.

Are there classifications for cars?
Yes, there is too much classification or categorizing method here are some of my opinion   
      1)      Classification due to usage:

     2)      Classification due to numbers of passengers:

     3)      Classification according to body shape:

    4)      Classification according to performance and customization:
FHWA Classification Chart
FHWA Classification Chart

    5)      Classification according to number of axis:
    6)      Classification due to vehicle weight :

    7)      Classification according to manufacturing country :

As shown above cars can be classified to million ways. Check another article at Wikipedia
but this is not the end, every day a new brand or  modification is exist, on other hands care model can be classification or categorizing method.

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