why cars are getting greener??

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“We’re borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Gulf to burn it in ways that destroys the planet. Every bit of that’s got to change” …….. Al Gore, July 2008

Car owner: Hello, Auto.
Auto: Hello, Dude. Why are you upset?
Car owner: they told me I have to change my car, or i will die. Do you believe that?!!!!
Auto: I am afraid, this is true.
Car owner: what?! are You  kidding me?
Green Car
Auto: No, but let me explain to you….. 
Here we go, Facts:
+   Vehicle exhaust contributes roughly 60% of all carbon monoxide emissions nationwide, and up to 95% in cities.

+  Average new car emissions in Europe are 138g of carbon dioxide per km, but the European Union has set a target of 95g per km by 2020.

On the other hand, you should imagine how much are those circles are complicated. Your old car is destroying the earth, and consumes a great amount of resources like fuel, and the manufacturing materials. That’s all to save your time and to make you feel comfort.

Vehicle Emissions
As a return, you win a lot amount of pollution “CO, CO2, NOx, VOC, etc….” which actually affects the entire world, and that including you.  “Read this report for more details
Here is another fact

Green Cars are no longer an option, rather a global game-changer whose future is “when”, not “if”. Inflection point on the horizon.
Car Owner: Green Cars!!!!!
Auto: yes, Green cars. The solutions are simplified into equation hard to be solved. We need a car with
1-            Low emissions or without emissions if possible.
2-            a car with Light weight to reduce energy consumption.
3-            Stable and safe car for drivers.

Car owner: I can’t see any problem with that.
Auto: when automakers was trying to find a clean fuel. They found choosing between many options are not an easy thing, but finally Electric or Nitrogen was the best options.
If they choose the electric, we will need large batteries to store the enough energy. Large batteries are over load to the car weight and that energy wasting. “Easy come..Easy go”.

 Another problem, how to charge batteries? Solar energy needs bulky solar cells which increases vehicle weights, which originally we want to reduce it. Not to mention, non-sunny countries. And we can’t plug the car along the run ways.

By the same way for liquid nitrogen, energy is wasted during liquefaction process. Beside this, while leakage, it reduces the oxygen concentration if poorly ventilated store area is used. Liquid nitrogen can cause frostbite and can make some materials extremely brittle. Its explosion is so risky.

Conclusion: electric it self is not suitable energy to run a car. And such a light weight car couldn’t be established specially when safety is the mean issue. Liquid N2 is not the suitable fuel too because it’s become danger if leaked, spilled or explode.

So that, We use hybrid cars. Read more... Press here


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