What is hybrid? P2

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Hybrid not zero emission car, but Lowest emission with highest energy saving. This  is great goal in manufacturing fields.
Car owner: can we continue now.  
Hybrid Car
Auto: sure.

Auto: A lot of systems are involved into hybrid cars, to achieve two main propose. The first is how to reduce the emission as we mentioned before European want to reach 95 g/km at the next 8 years. 

The second is hoe to reduce energy wasting to increase the efficiency of the car. Here is a simple operation overview to open the understanding gates of energy and emissions reduction:

The hybrid main components are Engine, Motor, Generator, and Planetary Gear. The planetary gear "its working as power split device" combined them to resulting one output goes to reduction unite, hence to the differential gears. The previous combination called "hybrid-trans axle".

An ECU (Electronic control unite) organizing whom will be a driver and which will be driven. Actually based on, the state of operation "start-out, accelerating, decelerating, or stopping" the ECU is acting. The ECU sends its signal to feed the motor by the batteries energy to move the car, or start the engine to supply its energy to the generator which will recharge the batteries.
 Also, the engine can share its energy to run both of the car and the generator at the same time, and both of them "Engine, Motor, and the Generator" can works together.

Auto: this was an overview, now how we save energy and reduce emissions, here is some of systems explanation shows how is that works :

     This system recover the wasted energy during braking or deceleration.

     During cold engine starting, Hydrocarbon "HC" emissions kept inside the car to be fully burned or purged. That improves the exhaust emissions at low temperature.

     No more starting a cold engine, because this system pumping hot stored water to worm-up the engine fast this reducing fuel wasting during engine worm-up, and also reduce the HC emissions that generated at cold starting

      A device installed to reduce the vaporized fuel loses, therefor the evaporation emissions is reduced too.

Auto: and that's not all, even engines includes systems help to reduce fuel consumption and increases engine efficiency beside that improving the emissions.

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