What is hybrid? P1

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Electric Vs. Gasoline

"Walk, bike, take the bus, train whenever possible, Drive less, and Start a No Driving Day once a week to save the the world " the Entire World ...1900

 Car owner: Hello, Auto.

Auto: hay, how are you?

Car owner: i am so happy, I have bought a new hybrid car. I am saving the world.

Auto: Actually, you almost there.

Car owner: What?

Carb Emmision groups
Auto: inventing a hybrid car was the solution for many problems. we cant use electric car all the time while engine polluting every thing " See Electric Vs. Gasoline figure". there is a classification of car emissions "Check the CARB emission groups", And hybrid cars are not zero emission.  

Car owner: can you explain more?

Auto: i will give you an Overview:

Hybrid components:

The main components of hybrid vehicles are:
1- ICE   -- Engine.
2- MG1 -- Motor Generator 1
Hybrid Components
3- MG2 -- Motor generator 2
4- PSD -- planetary gear set "Check power split device animation"
6- HV--High voltage battery
7- ECU -- electronic control unite

Operation modes: check this flash
1- stopped
2- starting out
3- normal Driving
4- Acceleration and full throttle
5- Deceleration and braking
6- Revers

by using a hybrid car, you are helping to reduce the emissions and wasted power.
check part 2 for more .....Press Here


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